Faux PaintingFaux Painting has become commercially popular over the last 20 years and has displaced wallpaper as the preferred method of decorating the walls in one's home or office.  Simple yet elegant tone on tone color washes are a nice way of decorating a room without applying wallpaper.  It is much simpler to paint over a faux painted wall than it is to remove wall paper.  Faux painting does not trap moisture in a wall like wall paper can and the cost is usually less than wall paper. 

Most of today's faux painted finishes are made from water soluble components and are environmentally friendly.  Many people first saw a faux painted surface that used a simple sponge as its only creative tool.

The modern faux painter has many tools at their disposal to create sophisticated and elegant finishes that today's homeowner is requesting.  There are numerous high quality glazes and colorants that add depth and character to today's finishes.  To create most of today's truly beautiful finishes requires some training and work on the part of the artisan.  Many of these finishes are multi-layer which create subtle and beautiful layered effects.  Wood grains and marble finishes are good examples of mult-layered finishes that create a depth and effect that look like the real thing when created properly. 

Today's better faux painter is an artist is their own right and the palette they work with are the walls of your home or office.   They have learned to use color and materials to create beautiful and sophisticated looks for those that can appreciate it. 

We have been creating decorative finishes for clients since 1999.  We would be glad to speak with you concerning your project. 

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