A wash of color faux finish  over orange peel in the entryway of this professional office.   The color wash obviously  adds color  and some dimension to the wall areas.
A very feminine light blue color wash over top of a textured surface in a bathroom.  A simple elegant look for a powder room.
Faux Finish within architectural details.  This was an inexpensive and tasteful way to add color to the space and not be overwhelmed by it. 
Simple color wash over top of heavy texture going up a staircase.  
Two tone wash of color over top of texture in a kitchen setting.

Color wash to add depth and appeal to a bedroom setting.
Two tone faux finish color wash in a bathroom setting.  Designed to pick up colors in bath set details and other items.
Simple faux finish color wash over orange  peel texture.  Adds some color and makes the space more interesting.
This eat in dining area has a built in with mirror and architectural trim.  To bring this alive we painted the interior's of the trim pieces and then added a decorative touch over that. 
A wash of color faux finish over orange peel
Color wash over orange peel texture
light blue color wash over textured surface
Two tone faux finish color wash in a bathroom
Faux finish within architectural details
color wash over heavy texture
Two tone color wash
color wash in a bedroom setting
Painted decorative touch
Modest texture in diniing room nook
Dining area nook.  Modest texture on walls with a base coat of paint and a color wash over top to enhance texture and create interest in underlying texture.
Metallic highlights
Originaly a builder's mode home.  Metallic highlights accent these details in a home office. 
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