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We are doing something here we have never done before.   We are offering specials on the hottest Venetian Plaster's on the planet, metallics. 

Metallic VP's as they are called are the hottest newest thing to come out of Italy, since Sophia Loren. 

The Euro has fallen substantially against the dollar in recent months and it has given our suppliers a chance to buy these plasters and others at prices we haven't seen in years. 

We have samples made up for you to see and we stand ready to answer your questions, if you have any. 

Give us a call or e mail us at:
813 641-9696    rwinder@infauxfx.com

We look forward to speaking with you and helping to make your next home or commercial project a successful one. 

Application costs may vary depending upon the conditon of the surfaces we must work over to create our plaster effects. 

We work with a number of companies that produce Venetian Plasters.  Venetian Plasters are only one style of plaster that is produced in Italy today.    The range of plasters  that are produced there are now commonly referred to as Italian Plasters and it encompasses many different styles of plasters.

Grassello di calce
Calcenova Arredo
These are just a few of the names of many beautiful plasters we craft for the residential and commercial markets. 

Some of these plasters are lime plasters which inhibit, stop, and prevent the growth of mold or mildew on or directly under its application area. 

Lime Plasters help to clean the air in the home with their ability to absorb moisture also helping to keep interior areas cooler. 

Lime paints do much the same and can be utilized in a similar fashion to regular paints.  They will resist mold and mildew growth and help keep your home free of these micro organisims if they attempt to take hold. 


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