Heavy textured sand finish plaster with modest color wash tones over it to soften and dimensionalize the plaster.
Matte Venetian Plaster walls with soft color wash over the surface in an office den setting.  The effect is very subtle designed to complement the setting and not overwhelm the work space.
Matte Venetian Plaster with a stone wash finish used for the color wash which added more movement to the effect.  The VP is similar to the mateial used on the finish in the pictures below this one.
Textured plaster with color wash over the surface.  A project that students and faculty at Erwin Technical Center collaborated on with our assistance.  The Interior Decorating Instructor Lydia Kimler conceived the project for the faculty dining area. 
The wall paper background gave rise to a similar theme in plaster and paint for the surrounding areas.
Textured Italian Plaster with color wash over the surface to enhance the graining of the plaster and give added appearance of depth. 
Color wash over textured plaster on a lower wall section in bar area of kitchen setting.  Notice how the color wash creates movement and interest for this small space. 
A color wash over a painted base over top of a modest texture in a kitchen nook.  Creating a slightly warm and romatic feel to the area. 
Italian Plaster with a heavy texture.  A two part color wash was applied after the plaster to create depth and interest in the architectural settings in this home office area. 
Venetian Plaster, matte, with several layers of color washed over the top to create the look and feel of depth.  The movement is soft and subtle and we built our depth with increasingly lighter color tones.
Close up view of the plaster.  Here you can see the depth of color that we built with several simple layers of color.
Textured plaster on range  hood.  Several applications of color brought out the depth of plaster and stencil application defined the lower section with a theme similar to the overall kitchen motif.
Venetian Plaster applied to interior of wall detail.
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Matte Venetian Plaster on a bedroom wall.  Over top of the plaster a specialty stain was applied to bring out the variety of texture that occurred as a result of the plaster and stain. 
Textured wall finish for remodeled kitchen.  Texture gave the area a slightly old world feel and the color wash we applied to the surface brought out the subtle features of the texture.
Textured sand finish plaster
Matte Venetian Plaster
Textured Italian Plaster
Plaster and paint
Textured plaster with color wash
Color wash over textured plaster
Matte Venetian Plaster with a stone wash finish
Matte Venetian Plaster with specialty stain
Color wash over texture
Italian plaster with texture
Venetian Plaster with color wash
Plaster and depth of color
Textured plaster on range hood
Venetian Plaster on interior wall detail
Textured wall finish for remodeled kitchen
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