Venetian PlasterVenetian Plaster is a class of glossy plasters that was rediscovered in Venice Italy during the 1900's.  These plasters are renowned for their beauty, durability and lasting qualities.  Today's Venetian Plaster comes in many different qualities.  Thanks in part to modern technology the plasters sold in home improvement stores are little more than thick paint that you can either roll on or trowel on.  These imitation plasters have little of the true elements of Venetian Plaster in them and are deficient in the qualities that make true plasters beautiful.  Authentic Venetian Plasters installed have marble dust and other components that were used by the master artisans hundreds of years ago.  There are other ingredients in them as well that make them glossy and resist moisture and mold.  The imitation plasters do not burnish to a beautiful shine and they must be coated with wax to resist moisture.  The Venetian Plasters we apply are imported from Italy and are suitable for any home or office environment.    We are trained in this process so that you get a beautiful long lasting finish that you will enjoy for years to come.  

Italian Plaster:  Italian Plaster
is the broader class of limestone plasters that evolved in Italy during the last 1,500 years.  Limestone Plasters have been used for many thousands of years but the Italians are credited with making an art form out of the use of their application.  Limestone and marble are very plentiful in Italy and they both are used in combination in creating Italian Plasters.  Limestone is quarried, heat processed and cured to form these beautiful plasters.  In Italy families of craftsmen created their own formulas and application methods as signatures to their work.  These family recipies and application methods were handed down generation to generation and guarded with secrecy.  Many different looks and styles of plasters evolved due to the creativity of these artisans.  Today we  have many dozens of different plasters to choose from.  Veneziano, Calcenova, Grassello, Marmorino, Intonochino and  Montovano to name a few.    There are a number of Italian companies producing these plasters for the world markets.  Most of these companies recognizing the complexity of their products either recommend or demand that applicators have training in their application methods before allowing them to be purchased.   We are trained in this process so that you get a beautiful and long lasting finish that you will enjoy for years to come.