Venetian Plaster at Tampa International Airport, Airside C the Southwest Airlines Terminal. 

The wall has an
Italian Plaster finish applied over it known as Veneziano (commonly called Venetian Plaster) and the white color was chosen to complement white marble that is installed nearby. 

The color elements are very subtle and best seen up close
.  The finish has a beautiful satin patina which has a look and feel of glass.  The statue in front of the wall was commissioned specifically for the airport project.
Architecture by: Alfonso Architects


Venetian Plaster at The University of Tampa
In the new postal center and the on site restaurants and dining area.
Venetian Plaster at Tampa's Hottest New Nightclub "AJA"

The club has the hottest music, the coolest drinks, and the best in Venetian Plaster on Florida's West Coast.
AJA is located in the Channelside district of Tampa.

Designed by architect Kirk Blaschke of Lot 05 out of Venice, Ca. and in collaboration with local architect Robert Ibarra the club has an upscale interior environment like you might find in the hot spots in New York, Los Angeles, or Miami.  The club features dance mix music with celebrity DJ's and frequent celebrity visits from the likes of Pamela Sue Anderson to The Playboy channels The Girls Next Door. 

Venetian Plaster texture and patina on wall at Tampa International Airport
Venetian Plaster at Tampa nightclub
Venetian Plaster in bar area Tampa nightclub
Venetian Plaster in dance area in Tampa nightclub
Venetian Plaster in sitting area in Tampa nightclub
Venetian plaster walls in Tampa nightclub
Venetian Plaster pass thru in University of Tampa postal center
Venetian Plaster pass thru
Soft Venetian Plaster on restaurant walls University of Tampa
Venetian Plaster on dining area walls University of Tampa
Venetian Plaster decorative art tree in dining area University of Tampa
Venetian Plaster in Tampa health care center lobby
Grassello plaster column and ceiling
Grassello a glossy beautiful Italian Plaster applied in the lobby area of this Brandon Health Care Center.   The Grassello transformed the columns,  ceilings and walls into more elegant interesting elements.   Making the lobby area seem more like a hotel than a care facility. 
This project was done in collaboration with
Lydia Kimler of Erwin Technical Institute and Gabrimar Riveros a graduating stutdent. 
Grassello column and metallic painted vase
Decorative elements in lobby of health care facility
Grassello ceiling in lobby of health care facility
Photography by Huth and Booth in Brandon
Red Italian Plaster at Tampa Covenant Church
Italian Plaster with deep red tone.
Tampa Covenant Church
Venetian Plaster columns and color washed walls
Venetian Plaster columns and color washed
walls at this Brandon photography studio.
Venetian Plaster wall in lobby of Tampa business
Gold Venetian Plaster wall in boardroom of Tampa company
Gold Venetian Plaster focal wall in boardroom
 of local Tampa Health Care Company

Venetian Plaster wall greets you as you enter
into this Tampa Health Care Company.

Venetian Plaster with embedded stencil effect
Venetian Plaster with embedded stencil effect
Venetian Plaster with a stencil effect embedded
in the plaster.  Adding depth, interest, and
beauty to an otherwise bland architectural feature. 

Venetian Plaster with an embedded stencil effect.
This and other finishes were crafted for a family
in Mirabay an Apollo Beach community. 

Red Calcenova Arredo with subtle gold highlights
Red Calcenova Arredo in Tampa Palms home
Red Calcenova Arredo with gold highlights in Tampa Palms home
These sections of wall are done in a red Calcenova Arredo an Italian Plaster similar to Venetian Plaster.   If you cllick and pop up a larger image then you will see some light gold tones in the background of the red.  This is a gold impact effect we layered with the red to achieve the dominance of one color the red and subtle hints or the gold showing through.  This is a beautiful subtle multi tone finish that shows gold in different lighting conditions through the day and night.   This is a remodel of a local physician's residence in Tampa Palms, Tampa. 
Red Venetian Plaster master bath wall in hi rise condominium in Channel side district of Tampa.   Gold applique over top adds extra shine.  Corners have embedded stencils in them to give added dimension to plaster. 
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 a larger version.

Dual tone Venetian Plaster ceiling with embedded stencil and gold embossing applied over top of  stencil within this coffered ceiling.   Lovely Tampa Palms home.